Digital Identity in Education

How to Empower & Protect

Where competing IT priorities and limited resources hang in a delicate balance, you have to invest where you’ll see the biggest impact. Digital identity, connecting students and staff to information that builds knowledge, is an opportunity for pivotal efficiency gains. How do you onboard and offboard thousands of identities in a matter of days at the start and end of semesters to let teaching and learning begin? Simplify the identity and access lifecycle with the Hitachi ID Bravura.

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Create Smarter Identity with One Platform

Across an explosion of devices, especially during the shift to distance learning, authentic identity and access is a cornerstone. Hitachi ID Suite is the fabric that protects student, staff, and affiliate identities independent of location. It allows appropriate access. It facilitates secure privileged access to critical assets all in one platform. Focus instead on the best teaching and learning you can provide.

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Synchronize Seamless Identity Journeys

Ensure student, staff, and affiliate info is accurate and in sync through multiple systems of record. Hitachi ID eliminates manual processes with automation and replaces multiple identity, password and privileged access solutions with a holistic solution. Start small and grow big, as your needs evolve.

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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Our solution is purpose built. It automates processes, reduces complexity, and shortens on-premise, cloud and SaaS deployments to lower your total cost of ownership. Hitachi ID is unmatched in our ability to deploy industry leading solutions on-time and on-budget.

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Integrate through the Largest Ecosystem

Being a hub of various faculties, interoperability is critical. From student enrollment systems to legacy mainframes, laptop and desktop operating systems to IT Service Management systems– they need to work together with your identity and access solution out of the box. Hitachi ID offers the largest ecosystem with over a hundred connectors and is compatible with popular open source components including Shibboleth, CAS, OpenLDAP, Grouper, and more.

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Use Identity as a Campus Wide Strategic Asset

Get faculties and departments on a shared platform to reduce funding and organizational challenges. Hitachi ID will help you support campus wide adoption with early and frequent communication and training. From IT to the department levels, easier adoption reduces spend and produces noticeable efficiency gains all your staff will value.

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