IAM as a Service

Hitachi ID Bravura Identity, Hitachi ID Bravura Pass and Hitachi ID Bravura Privilege are available as cloud-hosted, vendor-operated services to which organizations can subscribe.

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The Hitachi ID Systems (HIDS) Identity and Access Management Suite is now available through SaaS (IAMaaS) both for deployment on-premises and hosted in the cloud.

Where customers opt for IAMaaS:

  • The software is deployed in the AWS cloud and the day to day administration is provided by Hitachi ID Systems.
  • Hitachi ID now offers the option to either purchase licenses upfront or lease them for minimum volume and duration.
  • Proxy VMs are deployed on-premises to address integration with remaining on-premises systems and applications, such as Active Directory or SAP (See IAM as a Service: Architecture and Trust for details).

The HIDS IAMaaS solutions are built around Hitachi ID Bravura Patterns. This means that customers benefit from standardized, optimized business processes to manage identities lifecycle, entitlements and credentials. The solutions are available to automate IAM processes either for the corporate workforce or for business partners (B2B).

Deployment options: cloud or on-premises

Hitachi ID offers flexible deployment options for Hitachi ID Bravura Pass, Hitachi ID Bravura Identity and Hitachi ID Bravura Privilege based on the following variables:

  1. Where is the software installed? On-premises or in the cloud?
  2. Who manages the installed system? Corporate IT or Hitachi ID?
  3. How is the software licensed? Up-front or via a lease?

Each variable has two possible answers, and every combination is available. Please contact Hitachi ID to learn more.