Set your IAM Implementation Strategy

Are Disparate Leading Solutions or a Unified IAM Suite a Better Choice?

A Well thought out IAM Roadmap definition and detailed deployment strategy is the crux of a successful IAM program. However, none of the above will be effective without the right solution. Your solution could either involve:

  • Disparate Leading IAM Products to address distinct verticals in the IAM domain such as Identity and Access Governance, Password Management, Access Management and Privileged Access Management.
  • Unified IAM Suite: A single IAM solution to address all your IAM needs from Identity Lifecycle management, Access Governance, Password Management, Access Management & Single Sign On to Privileged Access Management, and more.

The Best IAM Solution for Your Organization

But, how do you choose which of the above IAM solution approaches is the best fit for your organization and what other factors and corresponding weightage should be contemplated before making your decision.

Join our panel of experts as we weigh the pros and cons of each solution and help narrow down the choices for your organization.

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