Confidently Facing Active Threats:

What's New from Hitachi ID


Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

10 am - 11 am (MST)   |   12 pm - 1 pm (EST)

 When faced with an active threat you must believe in your organization’s technology and skills. Join Kevin & Bruce as they review the latest releases available to increase your defensive strategy including Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric 12.2, Connector Pack 4.1, and an early access program for the new Hitachi ID Bravura Monitor.
Some of the powerful new features to enhance your organization's cyber protection include:
  • Hitachi ID Bravura Identity Time-Bound Role Assignment automatically provisions and removes access so everyone has the right level of access at the right time and eliminates cybersecurity gaps with role and responsibility transitions.
  • Hitachi ID Bravura Privilege Web Session Manager uses a native app to securely manage and record privileged access to all cloud, web, or browser-based applications like social media, cloud infrastructure, and software-as-a-service applications.  
  • Hitachi ID Azure AD Password Protection Plugin detects and blocks known weak or problematic passwords within the Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric, and can block more weak terms you define or that have been part of a breach. 
  • Hitachi ID Bravura Connector Pack 4.1 further expands the largest organically grown ecosystem with four new connectors. The new Kubernetes, Rapid7, Jira Work Management Cloud, and WinMagic SecureDoc connectors increase identity, password, and privileged access management as you extend your solution.


Kevin K

Kevin Klitzke

VP, Product Management

Kevin Klitzke brings decades of identity and privileged access management to bear, driving the company’s product strategy, road-mapping, and execution across a singular platform and framework with industry-leading identity management, password management, privileged access management, with threat-detection built-in. 

Bruce M

Bruce Macdonald

Senior Sales Engineer

With 25+ years of experience in IAM & PAM, Bruce provides strategic direction and execution for organizations to protect their data and infrastructure. Formerly a Windows architect with Sybase Inc. (now SAP), Bruce enjoys solving creative and technical challenges with a deep understanding of strategic design, project recommendations, and thought leadership.

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