Meet Us at the Educause Annual 2021 Conference

October 26–29, 2021
Philadelphia, PA & Online


The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference from October 26–29, 2021in Philadelphia, PA & Online showcases the best thinking in higher education IT! 

The past year has brought many changes in higher education, and we’ve all learned something worth sharing about transformation, resilience, and the common good. With the best presenters, the best content, and the best networking, the premier higher education IT event brings together professionals and technology providers from around the world to discuss their discoveries, grow professionally, and explore solutions to continuing challenges. We can't wait to see you there: in-person or online.


Visit Hitachi ID Booth #1635

Take home a custom airbrushed water bottle

Explore and discover the latest in identity and access management and governance and zero trust security models to protect your institution. Come by the booth to meet the Hitachi ID Team to talk about the unique challenges your institution may be facing or to learn more about the Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric. 

A team of airbrush artists will be in the booth designing custom water bottles for you to take back to school. Be sure to stop by to get yours!

We look forward to seeing you at Hitachi ID Booth #1635(see event booth map).

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Pre-Conference Workshop Session

Build a zero trust identity access management and governance roadmap for your institution

Tuesday, October 26 | 1:00PM–4:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Philadelphia
Session Type: Industry Led

While universities and colleges struggle to keep pace with the insurgence of cybersecurity attacks, many are seeking advice on how to implement zero trust security models while modernizing identity access management & governance programs. Join Hitachi ID and Identity Works to get guidance on how to do both: generate a zero trust identity access management and governance assessment and roadmap outline for your institution. Attendance is limited to the first 60 who register.

Session Outcomes:

  • Learn how a Zero Trust security model can reduce cybersecurity risk and protect your institution through today’s attack vector: identities.

  • Work through the ten-step identity access management and governance assessment including business process and technical analysis, how they affect one another, identifying gaps, and determining how to select a vendor to meet your institution’s identity access management and governance requirements.

  • Gain first-hand knowledge about which IAM & IGA roadmap strategies work (or not), which quick wins offer visible results, and which are part of projects or programs.

  • Produce a roadmap outline for your institution with benchmarks to other institutions and strategies to achieve your institution’s goals.

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Online Panel Discussion

Stop stagnating: modernize your identity access management & governance program with achievable projects

Wednesday, October 27 | 2:15PM–3:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Industry Led

Very few Higher Education institutions have modernized their identity access management solutions. Why? There are a plethora of reasons but ultimately many institutions don’t have the budget and don’t know where to start in what seems like a daunting, expensive, and risky program. The result? Institutions keep legacy or homegrown tools and solutions in place that are no longer up to the task, are eating up more budget than they’re worth, or are putting schools’ research, data, finances, and reputation at risk every day. 

Join this discussion to learn from a panel of experts on the practical approach to prepare to modernize your access management solution. Learn where to focus time and effort to reduce post-production surprises. Get actionable steps on how to establish your requirements and plan your projects to achieve incremental steps that are highest visibility, highest impact, and give your institution the biggest bang for its buck.

Session Outcomes:

  • Learn where to focus time and effort to reduce post-implementation production surprises.

  • Get actionable steps on how to establish your requirements and plan your projects to achieve incremental steps that are highest visibility, highest impact, and give your institution the biggest bang for its buck.

  • Receive an Identity & Privileged Access Modernization Tool Kit to get started.

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Jeff Jones

Associate Director of Systems & Operations

Jeff is dedicated to ensuring IT Operations delivery provides maximum return on investment for the institution with robust, highly organized, and documented strategic plans and efficient day-to-day activities management. For nearly two decades Jeff has been dedicated to a variety of IT Operations.

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Dave Kieffer

Vice President, Research and Analysis

With over 30 years of experience leading technology operations in higher education, Dave’s most recently served as the Associate Vice President of Administrative Systems at Ohio State University, where he oversaw every facet of the university’s ERP systems, including implementation, mobile and web development, application architecture, security, and integration technologies.


Bruce Macdonald

Senior Sales Engineer

With 25+ years of experience in identity and access governance along with privileged access management, Bruce provides organizations with strategic direction and execution for their identity management initiatives to protect their data and infrastructure. Formerly a Windows architect with Sybase Inc. (now SAP), Bruce enjoys solving new creative and technology challenges with a deep understanding of strategic design direction, project recommendations and thought leadership.

Hitachi ID Square Logo

Patrick Dooley

President and Founder

Since 2011, Patrick has been committed to ethically delivering the highest quality Identity & Access Management consulting services. Patrick founded Identity Works LLC with the vision of enabling companies to be successful with their Identity Management initiatives. Rapid implementation services and years of experience allow Patrick’s clients to realize a rapid return on investment and an achievable road map for the best long term benefits.

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Do Your Part

Be Cyber Smart

Cybersecurity is more than technology. It takes a combination of implementing stronger security practices, raising awareness, and educating members who could be targets to make our digital worlds, and assets, safer for everyone. Hitachi ID is a proud sponsor of the Educause Cybersecurity program. There you will find ready-made content to use year-round, as well as during Cybersecurity Awareness Month each October. Find resources and toolkits to help everyone across your institution learn about and better understand cybersecurity.

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Cybersecurity Program Resources