Hitachi ID Announces Major Release of its IAM Suite: v10.1

June 21, 2017

June 21, 2017 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Hitachi ID Systems is pleased to announce the availability of a significant new version of its Identity and Access Management Suite. The v10.1 release introduces important new features and completely redesigned user interfaces. This release cements Hitachi ID's IAM suite as a very user-friendly, practical and encompassing IAM solution.

Highlights of the 10.1 release include:

Bravura Identity:

  • A new task-oriented mobile-friendly request app using a shopping-cart approach.
  • A new access certification app that supports effective collaboration between certifiers and their subordinates supported by fine-grained actions, such as deferred revocation.
  • New access certification features, such as line-item delegation and review of identity attributes and entitlements.

Bravura Pass:

  • A launch pad for federated single sign-on.
  • Single sign-on across successive login sessions.

Bravura Privilege:

  • Ability to launch administrative SSH and RDP sessions from any iPhone or Android device.
  • Mapping and analytics of SSH trust relationships.

Leading IT industry analysts consider Hitachi ID's IAM Suite an innovative technology leader for its practical approach to automating identity and entitlement lifecycle processes. It also incorporates industry-leading scalability and resiliency using an active-active architecture. Customers achieve low TCO by deploying standardized processes and policies, using Hitachi ID's pre-configured and out-of-the-box ID Express.

The v10.1 IAM Suite is the only commercial suite that combines industry leading access governance, credential management and privileged access management into a single, fully-integrated solution.

“We relentlessly expand the feature set in our products to provide ever-increasing value to customers. This includes innovations like BYOD access to privileged login sessions and federated single sign-on, built-in. We are investing heavily in bringing a best-of-breed solutions to our customers, using modern, responsive and user friendly design,” said Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID CTO.

Hitachi ID will host two webinars in July to introduce the 10.1 release. One webinar will focus on Bravura Privilege and the other on the combination of Bravura Identity and Bravura Pass. Click here for information and to register.

To learn more about Hitachi ID Systems, visit Hitachi ID's website, contact us, call 1.403.233.0740, or follow @Hitachi_ID on Twitter.


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